Dust settles. I don’t.

Woe to the woman who is a reflection of I.

Mirror Mirror… can you see me?

What is this pain that drives me to madness?

It is not that which pulls physically at my sides and no, it is not this hideous scar that I’d now forever have to look at.

Left me stained, I called it art… 

Vivacious as I was; probably still am but these days I no longer see it.

I don’t see me. 

Of all the Billions of beautiful hearts; mine shone the brightest but now I ask myself how can I see the rainbow when I’m too busy hiding from the rain?

I’m a slave to the mind games I play with myself.

Who am I today?

Who was I yesterday and who will I be? Of this; I am unsure. 

I am tired of traveling through time.

Every lifetime feels the same.

Everyday I feel the pain and no; not that which heals over time but that which causes you to question your entire existence.

Monotonous temperament some have called it, but, is it?!

These are not capricious emotions and although temper is the salt, it is also the quality that prevents it from becoming stale.

I don’t want control, I want to let go…

If there was someone or something that could supervene; it’d be much appreciated as I am as lost as a sheep in a den of lions.

I am no Daniel or David. Only a Joseph- a dreamer.

Let it all wither away… this clinging horror.

Does it end? If so – when?!

Mirror Mirror; what face do I wear today?








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